Friday, May 6, 2011

Post Twenty Six went for a holiday: a week of nothing

Ok, the the title of this post pretty much explains everything that is in it, so, if you are not particularly interested please stop reading now because I promise it does not get any more exciting.

I just realized that for some reason post twenty six is either missing or was not created in the first place, and I haven't posted an awhile so naturally I felt I must remedy both of these conundrums.

Hence, this is post twenty six.

No that is not all, I am not THAT bad. I have spent my week pretty much just doing classwork, I have done my traveling in Australia, I have been around Sydney enough that I have been to all the major sites at least once. I have been to the Blue Mountains a couple times. I also have alot of classwork to do, not more than I would have at LU, but the assignments here that I have to work on now are worth a large percentage of my 'mark' (what grades are called here), so I have been working on all of them. Additionally, I have no finals outside of class, this is really nice as it means my month of June instead of being exams will consist of...pretty much whatever I want it to (within budget lines...). However, the consequence of this is that I do have several major projects (papers and in-class tests) all in the merry month of May fa la la la (it's a song we sang in my highschool chorus class freshman year...).

I have gotten almost all of my LU classes worked out, its looking to be one heck of a busy senior year, but I am at least pretty interested in all the classes I am signed up for so that will hopefully make it better.

What else have I accomplished this week? Well, nothing. so lets talk about the weather. It has gotten pretty cool here pretty quickly, I have almost started wearing pants (before now it was shorts, not nothing sillies), I have put the blankets on my bed, and stopped drawing the shades at night. The sun is beginning to set around 5pm these days and the trees (which are NOT native to Australia, the native trees are evergreen) have started to either lose their leaves, or to change color. It is decidedly fall! It is making my mentality all confused because fall is the time I go back to LU to do soccer practice, or classes, so its weird that things are wrapping up here...really weird...Which will make it all that much more weird when I go back to blistering and humid Ohio in the middle of summer...and then BACK to fall at LU!

I would like to congratulate all those who worked on Lawrence University's rendering of The Tempest, particularly the seniors. I am sorry I couldn't be there but I am sure it was fantastic!

I would also like to thank my Dad for providing me with the latest Jack Reacher book (Jack Reacher is on the level of Dean Winchester and Han Solo and Crocodile in level of awesomeness)...I cannot read it until after I finish all of these humongous assignments...torture...thanks Dad. But no seriously, thank you very much! I will enjoy it very much as soon as I can read it. It is "worth dying for" (both my sentiment and the title).

Lastly, I would like to wish Shu Takahashi GOOD LUCK! In his rugby game on the 8th!

Anything else of note? I told you this was not going to be an exciting post! Since when do I lie!?


Estuarine Crocodile...just to clarify

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