Sunday, May 15, 2011

Post Thirty One: these Australian adventures are quickly becoming the adventures of the purple fleece jacket!

What a weekend. I have gotten absolutely nothing done! ERGH! I am currently writing a Philosophy paper which I hate. I like the class, its really interesting and I feel that I am learning alot, just this paper is worth way too much of my mark and I just wrote draft #1 and it was TERRIBLE. Hence, I hate the paper.

But ANYWAY, I shall re-write it...later. Instead I will procrastinate some by blogging. At least that way I am being productive in some way or another and not just wasting time doing nothing.

The weeks are winding up well, I have finished most of my classwork (except this monster of a paper which I am NOT thinking about!), I have done almost all of my souvenir shopping. I am checking things off the to-do list etc.

watching a street show

walking the Quay


The group




Karen, Angie

Yesterday some friends Angie, Alicia, Karen, Nini and I went downtown Sydney. It was a gorgeous fall morning when we left, bright and blue. We headed down to the Rocks markets and I felt like it was October, the leaves are falling, and the weather was cool, it was just "wow, it really feels like October right now". We hunted around for some stuff (I shall not say what, can't give gift ideas away!) before walking to the Opera house and the Botanical Gardens. We allowed ourselves to just meander for the better part of 3 hours, taking pictures, talking, and just enjoying the park. It really is quite something to go to such a large park on the edge of such a large city and to know that you just visited the Opera house in SYDNEY AUSTRALIA.

I wish!!
I enjoyed the Cactus section of the gardens the most. I love cactusses (yes I know they are called cacti), when I get plants of my own, I will definitely buy (and name) cacti and by the way Amirah, unlike the plastic x-mas trees, I plan to name them ALL.

the ever-present purple jacket
It was relaxing to spend the day in the downtown, like I said it was a beautiful fall day. For lunch we went to Breadtop, perhaps the ONLY reasonably priced bakery in the whole of Sydney, and they have some really good stuff too.

I then went with Alicia up Sydney tower again, it was cloudy while we were up there, but it was fun to get to see the city now that we were 'pros' and knew where everything of note was.

The day ended with some relaxing on the couch, meeting up with some other DLC friends, and watching a bit of POTC 3 and then LOTR 2. A good way to spend a Saturday. and actually, writing this post has made me feel a bit more relaxed! Hopefully I can get this paper done and then fun plans for the future include baking some cookies, perhaps going to the Jenolean Caves, perhaps going to Hunter Valley to Wine taste (AU is well known for its wine apparently), and going to see the Distinguished Speaker for the GLP. All of this will hopefully happen this coming week/weekend and I can blog about it then!

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