Monday, May 2, 2011

Post Twenty Nine: A week back in Sydney

ok, just FYI for those of you who are less technologically adept than others, if you click on any picture that is posted on this blog, it will make it much bigger and easier to see.

Having said that! Back to Sydney!

I finished my travels around Australia on the 22nd of April, flying to Sydney later in the evening. Since DLC does not let us move back in (without paying an arm and a leg, which if you will remember I did not have any left), I stayed with some friends in the Macquarie Village. This was really nice, their apartment was more homey than a dorm is, and I enjoyed having a couple lovely meals that we made together. and just spending time chatting with friends after returning back to campus!!!

There is not much left to my break adventures, the 24th was Easter, so I met up with Angie (returning from New-Zealand) at St. Mary's Cathedral, the oldest one in Australia, for the Easter Mass. I found that it was not anything particularly special, the Cathedral was beautiful, but that's about it. One is not allowed to take pictures inside, and seeing as it was Easter, I thought I should probably adhere to this policy, but I have put in the blog a picture that I got from the web.

On Monday, Angie, Alicia, Karen and I went to the Royal Easter Show. It has nothing to do with Easter, this is just the Australian version of a State Fair. We saw horses and dogs and cows and alpacas, we also sampled alot of local foods such as chilies, nougat, nuts, granola (muesli), and meats. I watched a really cool sheepdog (yard dog here) demonstration with an Australian Kelpie performing. It was rainy all day, but we still enjoyed walking around the show together, Angie and I also had Deep Fried was....a heart attack on a stick, but it was pretty good, I think I prefer funnel cakes as my fair food of choice though.
I can spell better than this!!

After this, it was back to the Village for the final dinner with my host friends. I made them chocolate peanut butter brownies, and since Australian cocoa was used out of necessity I used DOUBLE the cocoa for one turned out to not even be chocolaty enough then! But they were still fairly decent.

To end the break adventures, I finally got to move back into my room on the 26th, (they had cleaned very nicely and the cockroach was not stuck to my wall anymore!!) before classes commenced again on the 27th.

Here ends my narrative (of break anyway, I will keep posting other stuff). I have nothing more exciting planned at this point, just finishing up classes and surviving the papers that are worth %50 of my grade....

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