Saturday, April 23, 2011

Post Twenty Four: Back from Break!!!!

Ok! First let me say that, although I love disconnecting on occasion to go camping or something, being away from the internet and thus all contact with people outside my immediate bubble (no cellphone really either, since almost everyone I know is not in AU right now) is EXTREMELY taxing! Holy Moly! I did not like not being able to talk to people or to share, or to even just check in and see how things were going in various places. I would not hurry back to not having internet that is for sure! I know I sound spoiled, but it is really hard to be in the dark as to what loved ones are up to, what experiences and news, I can only imagine in horror what it must have been like in the ages before telephones!

Now that that is settled. On to describing my amazing break experiences! Just to refresh your memories, I traveled on April 9th out to Alice Springs, then began a 3 day camping trip with a tour group on the 9th, left Alice Springs for Cairns on the 13th, went on an overnight sailboat out to the Great Barrier Reef on the 14th, departed Cairns for Melbourne on the 18th, spent time in Melbourne with Janet, Peter, and Jacob Bau; friends of my old piano teacher Stefanie Jacobs, then returned to Sydney on the 22nd. Classes don't start until the 27th.

I did keep a journal of my travels so that I would not forget anything and could write alot down on my blog once I returned (thankfully!) to internet range/access. I also took over 600 pictures. Needless to say I will not feature all of those pictures here, nor will I have the full version of my journal, just the important or interesting bits. I will also be posting a few separate posts, one for each leg of my journey, this way you will not be subjected to reading one super long post.

Just as a general overview, my 'holiday' was incredible. It was fantastic to travel around Australia, especially since that is the real reason I am here after all. I feel like a travel veteran now, and airports and place travel are no big deal. I have learned much about Australians, about backpacking hostels, different people, certain cities, tours, etc.

And now, without further ado...Ariana's Australian Adventures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My way IS the highway!

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