Monday, February 7, 2011

Post Six: French

Handless Masa? attempting to point at Tower of Terror

Monday we got up extra early and headed off to Dinseyland (no it was DisneySEA get it right, geeze…but Disney sea’s rides are all land rides…Indiana Jones temple, journey to the center of the earth…oh whatever). Anyway, Masa took me to Tokyo Disneyland(SEA!) it was indeed a whole new world (cue Aladdin music). The place is built to look like various locations around the world including Venice, Arabia, Cape Cod, and others. What a place, each ‘town’ is real and yet totally not real, they are all the perfect portrayals, so Venice without the beggars or noise, just the beautiful buildings (albeit they were not REAL Italian buildings) and the quiet waters. It did feel like we had jumped into a movie, kind of wanted to stay there actually, it all seemed so hunky-dory.
a brief high speed jet flight let me visit Italy that afternoon
Anyway, we went to get fastpass tickets (you can have one fast ticket at a time) so that Masa could have something to check, before going on some rides. We walked around the park and took pictures, and one kind woman offered to take a picture of the two f us. Now, she offered speaking in Japanese. Through my travels I have been taught a few words of this language so I replied “oui”…whoops, wrong language. My brain was apparently thinking “oh different language, respond in different language” wrong language brain, thanks, yes, French response to Japanese question. Perfect. I am sure every word was understood…how embarrassing. Oh well, we got the picture.
Taken by a willing non-french speaking volunteer

Later we had lunch before going on one of the rides that turns you in a loopdeloop…Masa decided that eating lunch before this was NOT good and that we should go on a littler ride to let our stomachs settle some before going on the big drop ride…so we headed to the Aquatopia…turns out this was a jerky, spinning ride. I was laughing my head off the entire time while Masa held on and suffered next to me. It was fun. To conclude our trip we went on the ‘tower of terror’. After waiting in line for a while (70 minutes during which we played ‘bagels’ and ‘5 minute mystery’. Yes, be proud Amirah and Erika). The name says it all and I will not elaborate. It did its job. Good way to end the visit and we left the park leaving the magic behind and going back to the real world. Yes the real world. I finally got to experience the pushers on the trains, absolutely packed, it was incredible. I think I had one inch of space in front of me, the rest of me was smashed up against other people as they packed tighter and tighter on the hour train ride home. I thought yes, it was perhaps not the most comfortable ride, but it was a cool experience and I feel it has augmented my Japan trip.

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