Friday, February 11, 2011

Post Eight: Australia...

Let me open by saying that I have decided to be uptight for the rest of my life. being laid back causes way to much stress!!!!!!!!!

Ok, perhaps that was overkill. however let me relate my stories and you can decide for yourself about the wisdom of my proposed decision.

I traveled to Singapore (notice awesome bathroom in Singapore) fulfilling one of my dreams of spending a night in an airport since I had a layover from 1:40-6am. hm. not what I expected, there wasn't really anything open or anything to do in the airport, so I ended up curling up on some chairs and sleeping.

Then I boarded my final plane for the next several months and flew to....................AUSTRALIA!!!

Sydney Airport
Once landed I easily made my way to the meeting point where I was to be picked up by the free airport pickup service from Macquarie University. it is here where the troubles began.
My ride did not show up, the friendly meeting spot attendant called the service with his phone and I had a chat with them for a long time. apparently for some reason my pickup was cancelled. great. but there was another student coming in on a later flight, could I wait an hour and a half? Sure, I really had no choice, so I waited listening to Akon on my ipod and using a payphone by which I found two AU dollars in coins (thanks mysterious person, I will pay it forward) and I called my house to let them know I had arrived.

then, airport pickup shows up and well look at that, there are TWO students coming in on the flight I had been waiting the other guy wasn't in the system either. more waiting while we sorted that one out.

finally JJ (the driver) took us to our respective places, JJ was great, he stayed with me while I was told at DLC reception that I was not paid for and...well, "we aren't supposed to give keys to people who haven't paid" I am sorry but that is just.........ERGH! I had paid turns out...anyway, I convinced them to give me my keys anyway, I just had a looooooong morning the next day talking with reception and getting everything worked out. lots happened, but suffice to say that it was extremely unorganized and, while the reception woman was very good about getting what I needed, it should have taken 30 minutes and took alot more than that. with many hiccups and frustrations along the way.

to top all that off, I need to call my bank and get some questions answered because there are things that just don't line up with what I was told about abroad expenses for that bank and using atms and such. Why is this all so difficult! cant I just study in another country in peace!


Oh well, Australia! it is really really hot here, and Macquarie is no Lawrence, it is HUGE! I am looking forward to visiting the beach on a South Coast Orientation trip that leaves tomorrow morning. During this trip I hope to have more Australian experience and less just walking around reception and international services.

funny anecdotes:

upon seeing JJ for the first time I asked him to take me home. it just popped out, I had not even been in AU yet (just the airport) and I was already picturing my dorm as home. Good thing I guess

my room inventory mentions that I am suposed to have a door four walls and a ceiling...while I appreciate the thoroughness of this...I chuckled anyway.

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