Thursday, March 3, 2011

Post Fifteen: Things Accomplished/Recap

Australian Experiences to Check off the list:

1.) See wild kangaroo
2.) See/visit (deep breath) Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbor, wildlife world, aquarium, the Rocks history museum, Bondi beach, Harbor bridge, Paddys markets
3.) Eat aussie meat pie
4.) Blue Mountains
5.) ANZAC cookie (called a biscuit here)
6.) Meet some Aboriginal people and see boomerang throw as well as Dijeredoo played

Macquarie Uni:

1.) Finished first official assignment! A presentation on the Enlightenment period in history and the Macquarie Era in Australia and how the two were related and reflected
2.) learned to walk on the left of the sidewalk (still takes conscious effort to remember this though)
3.) right left right NOT left right left!
4.) Train station genius

Still to do in Australia:

1.) Manly (day trip for sure)
-Manly beach
-kangaroo steak
-coastal walk to see aboriginal rock carvings and art
2.) See a show at the Opera House (I have ordered tickets for Mahler's 7th Symphony coupled with a Mendelson Violin Solo) note: back row is perfectly acceptable its the OPERAHOUSE for cryin' out loud
3.) OUTBACK!!!!!!!! I don't know when but I cannot say I have been to Australia and NOT go here
4.) Re-visit Bondi to walk from Bondi to Bronti to Cooge
5.) Great Barrier Reef

Still to do at MQ:

too many things here to much homework!


1.) Inside tour of Opera House?
2.) Melbourne?
3.) Broome?

reason # 5,248 why I have decided that I must live here....NO MOSQUITO BITES! THATS RIGHT PEOPLE! I went to the RAINFOREST and STILL no mosquito bites, and they are definitely here because I have seen them and seen them bite people! However Aussie mosquitos just don't like my blood. AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

however, on the downside I found a cockroach as big as my my room...and another squished in the hallway...hmm

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  1. All these feats accomplished without a single mosquito bite? Ariana, you are truly on a roll!
    p.s. In case you like them and Australia won't share....I have an ANZAC biscuit recipe from my NZer neighbor, Stephanie. Mmmmm
    Thanks for writing your blog. It's fun to be along for the ride.